Present: Sheila Weightman (Chair), Joan Shore (Secretary), Elaine Hughes, Lesley Gerhardt, Peter Hayward and Sue Brookes (Secretary)

Apologies: John Redford (Vice Chair), Annette Greenwood, Phil Mellor, Cllr Dan Jellyman, PCSO Scott Woodward and Charlotte Eccles (Local Matters Team) SW opened the meeting by saying that we had received a lovely card from former Cllr Follows to thank us for the present we gave him. As Charlotte Eccles (Local Matters Team) had now transferred to another area (with Paul Capewell taking over in her stead) SB was asked to write and thank her for all her hard work.

SW said that there would be further courses on using the equipment at the Blurton Hub on 7 th and 11th September. Michelle Shaker had allocated Tom Watson as the person with responsibility for Trentham volunteers and he will forward information about this to go on to the website. Barlaston RA had now acquired an illuminated sign which showed not only a vehicle’s speed but its make. Swynnerton, Yarnfield and Eccleshall RAs were applying for funding for similar equipment. PH suggested that we join forces with other RAs to apply collectively for such equipment to share.

SW and JR had had a meeting with Chris Borrodaile, Operations Manager at Strongford and, after their complaint about the speeding of a sub-contractor’s vehicles, he had withdrawn the contract. STW might well be willing to fund the speeding equipment if details were sent to CB. JR had also shown CB a manhole cover destroyed by the weight of STW’s HGVs.

Litter picks
SB was asked to contact Paul Capewell of the Local Matters Team to ask if there was a national initiative organised for the autumn and to arrange for equipment to be available for our next litter-pick. There had been a reasonable number of volunteers for the last litterpick and it was suggested that the next one could be advertised on our Facebook page. The amount of litter seemed to have increased and, although there was now signage regarding dog faeces, this was sstill a problem, mainly because the litter bins for this were inadequate. The area needed new large litter bins which could also accommodate dog faeces.

Members wanted to know when the double yellow lines scheduled for near the junction with Longton Road would be done. Some BOR residents wanted all of BOR as far as Burrington Drive to have double yellow lines. On Sundays there was parking on both sides of the road because of church attendance and BOD customers and this was chaotic. SB would write to remind the Councillors of the request made at the AGM for them to arrange a community meeting where future housing development plans for Trentham would be discussed.

Planning applications
It would seem that the City Council would not pursue a case for judicial review of the planning enquiry on Meadow Lane, although KOMG might try and do so. The basic problem here and on BOR was a lack of a traffic management plan. The present (and third) New Inn Lane planning application was still being considered. The Community Learning Centre at Trentham Academy was due to be formally opened on 12th September 2019. Problems had already arisen as the headteacher was attempting to schedule all community usage lead by Trentham Reads into a single day, ie Tuesday, and there was a lack of volunteers to help out on a single day, two half-days being more convenient for volunteers.

Neighbourhood Plan
This had now been forwarded to the Department of Housing and Local Government who will probably ask why the City Council has delayed this for three years. Once a Neighbourhood Plan has been agreed, then local residents have some defence when builders attempt to impose excessive housing on the area, if this had not been previously included in the neighbourhood plan. (See or

Treasurer’s Report
There is a balance of £183.84. Once the three remaining committee members sign the constitution, there will be a further £100 to come from the Local Matters Team.

JS contacted the City Council about a sofa that had been dumped on the Persimmon-owned triangle of land at the Oaktree/Longton Road junction and this had been swiftly removed. A traffic survey of STW’s HGVs on BOR had been arranged but postponed because of flooding at Strongford. This should now take place in the next week or so.

The Canal Trust has donated three 4’ x 3’planters placed along the canal. JR has bought two bags of peat compost and volunteers are needed to provide plants for these and to help with their maintenance. STW has agreed to supply some bulbs. It was suggested that a sign be erected to show that these planters were a joint venture between TSRA and The Canal Trust. JS would like to see more planters with flowers around the area and SB was asked to contact our two local councillors for financial help as they have donated £1,000 of their annual allocation to our neighbouring RAs, namely Trentham Central and Hanford.

Date of next meeting
Monday 21st October 2019 at 6.30pm. Venue to be confirmed but The Community Learning Centre at Trentham Academy will be contacted as a possibility. SB will contact Cllr Jellyman for assistance in booking a room, as there is no provision for this on the Academy’s website.

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