Present: Sheila Weightman (Chair), Joan Shore (Treasurer), Sue Brookes (Secretary), Elaine Hughes, Peter Hayward, Cllr Terry Follows
Apologies: John Redford, Phil Mellor, PCSO Scott Woodward, Charlotte Eccles (Local Matters Team), Annette Greenwood, Lesley Gerhardt, Cllr Dan Jellyman and Una Handley (General Manager Trentham Golf Club)

There has been a delay in erecting posts to display the dog faeces warning signs, as there are electric cables lying alongside the canal and the location of these first needs identifying. JS had picked up 58 “little black bags” and SW had also done a litterpick by the canal. SW will make residents aware of this on the TSRA Facebook site, which has had 6000 “hits”, 1800 “interested parties”and 480 “likes”(!!!). There will be another “litter pick” for interested and active residents, together with Barlaston volunteers, on Saturday 6th April 2019. People should meet at 10.00am outside the Natwest. This is in line with the national “Keep Britain Tidy” appeal. The area to be covered will depend on the number of volunteers but may include part of Longton Road, Barlaston Old Road as far as the Jonathan Road junction and the canal tow-path

Our request for a mobile speeding sign has been referred to the Highways Department. SW will contact David Stubbs, Stoke CC Highways Manager, every time there is an accident on BOR so that he is well aware of the dangers of the road. Residents should inform her or David Stubbs if they see any incidents. On the first Speedwatch training day there were five volunteers from Trentham and two from Sneyd Green. Michelle Shaker who is in charge of the initiative will lend TSRA the appropriate equipment until we acquire our own, for which SW has applied for grant-funding. As this needs recommendation from our local PCSO, SW has also contacted Scott Woodward.
Police Report None

Councillors’ Report
The Meadow Lane enquiry will resume on 21st and 22nd May 2019. TF thinks that Barratt Homes will put in a further application, should this present one fail.. He has donated £250 to the appeal. TSRA has already made two donations, so will not, as yet, forward any further money, as funds are short. However, residents may contribute privately, if they so wish; for bank details etc email [email protected]. SB was disturbed that Knights Solicitors (the planning agents for Ascalon Properties who own the land in Meadow Lane which Barratts want to develop) had “sponsored” a Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership Dinner in Cannes, South of France (!!!) on 13th March 2019. She would contact Stoke CC under The Freedom of Information Act to find out if any members of the planning committee had attended and the details of what the sponsorship had involved, as this would seem to be a conflict of interest since Knights’ client was in the middle of a planning dispute. In the same vein SB felt that planning officers should not attend events where Titanic Brewery was providing free beer (11th and 12th March), as the brewery’s owners frequently applied for planning permission for their new developments and this again would seem to be a conflict of interest. TF said that the New Inn Lane proposed development will shortly go before the planning committee. He also said that Stoke CC possesses land next to Sidaway so could build a new incinerator which the Council would own rather than the present situation where they rent it and where the lease is shortly to expire. The cost of each of the 300 houses to be built on Stanley Matthews Way includes £1,000 which will go towards the building of a new primary school. The Community Learning Centre at Trentham Academy is behind schedule as this should have been finished by the end of March. Community groups will not be charged for use of rooms in this,.although businesses will have to pay. Recent publicity had stated that Stoke CC had funded the CLC and SW felt that any future literature should reflect the fact that funding had come from the sale of a community asset (the library) and, as such, the CLC was not principally part of Trentham Academy. SB had received a letter from the City’s Planning Department stating that permission was now required for the BOD logo on the Natwest Bank. She felt that the colours were inappropriate so she would register a complaint. Other members had not yet received this letter. TF said that this would be his last TSRA meeting as he was retiring. SW thanked him on behalf of residents for all his help and hard work.

SW reported that operating hours for STW’s Strongford site had recently been relaxed by The Department of the Environment and movement was now 24 hours for 7 days a week. SW asked TF to investigate this and to report back to TSRA as soon as possible.

Neighbourhood Plan
The formal application requesting approval for the establishment of a Neighbourhood Area covering Hanford and Trentham and for the Forum to become designated was accepted by Stoke CC Planning Authority on 21st August 2018, the legal requirement being that a decision on these two applications by Stoke CC had to be made within thirteen weeks. This requirement not having been satisfied, PH has contacted the “Locality” consultant for his advice and once this has been received, PH will inform the 50/60 members and the 120 “interested parties” who have registered on the NP website.

New Business
JR has requested funding for flower beds on the canal tow-path. As Stoke CC can provide bulbs and compost at a reduced price, it was suggested that he contact Charlotte of the Local Matters Team about prices. The local Councillors may be willing to fund this from their £5000 community budget, but, failing this, TSRA would fund the cost.

Kevin Hawkins ( Local Matters Team) has suggested that our AGM take place towards the end of May in case there was any clash with various elections. JS said she would be willing to stand as Treasurer and SB as Secretary (if no one else volunteered). SW will talk to JR re the rôle of Chair/Vice Chair. It was suggested that Tuesday 28th or Thursday 30th May would be possible, as this was half term week, and SB would contact the church key holder.

Date of next Meeting
Monday 1st July 2019. EH gave her apologies. This meeting might be postponed for 2 weeks, if the AGM is only a month before the proposed date of the next meeting.

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